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OTF Systems


The best Safety Management solutions are highly integrated into flight operations via electronic operational data collection. Therefore such a system knows key information about the pilot in command’s recent experience, qualification, and recent and current duty periods. Aircraft data such as installed safety equipment, MEL and maintenance status and even aircraft performance. Mission types have their unique risks and supervisory oversight requirements. Weather, a key safety factor, can be analyzed through advanced APIs retrieving METARs and TAFs, world-wide. Lastly, an integrated system can provide safety managers and accountable executives critical feedback on SMS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through use of algorithm’s applied to personnel surveys and aggregated industry data.

OTF Systems Areas of Specialization

  • Integrated Flight Log
  • Mission Reporting System
  • Aircraft Status, Discrepancy and Maintenance Tracking
  • Electronic MEL (minimum equipment list) Tracking
  • Crew Currency Tracking
  • Training and Evaluation Recording and Tracking Systems
  • Electronic Flight and Duty Time Logs
  • A Comprehensive Suite of Safety Management System Tools
    • Intelligent Flight Risk Analysis Tool (FRAT)
    • Hazard and Incident Report System
    • Safety Self-Audit Systems
    • Organization Alerting/Notification System
  • Billing/Invoicing Systems
  • Flight Data Analysis data storage and processing
  • Safety Data Aggregation (de-identified)